Hanging in there..

Our sweet Fisher girl started coughing last week and it was definitely out of the norm. So I decided to take her to the doctor on Saturday. He first said it seemed like the beginning of RSV, so he ran a test. Thank goodness it came back negative! Given Fisher’s history, the doctor wanted to do a chest X-ray to see if she has been aspirating. Sure enough she’s been aspirating and developed pneumonia in her right lung. 😩 She was a trooper though.

Snuggling mommy

Today was a very busy day. We started out up at 4:30 am .. chiropractor at 8:15 am.. work at 8:30-1:00.. 1:40 Doctor Lohse follow up about pneumonia.. 3:00 G.I. follow up. 4:30 pick Wells up .. home for the night..

Snoozing at mommy’s work

Dr. Lohse said she thinks Fisher is on the mend and slowly getting better! We will continue with the antibiotics and getting adjusted.

Pneumonia checkup

G.I. specialist upped Fisher’s reflux meds again and also wants to do another swallow study. We will talk with our feeding therapist on Thursday to see how to go about that since we are only breastfeeding and it might be hard to get a swallow study done that way.

So please continue to pray Fisher starts to feel better, continues to gain weight, the pneumonia is healed before Christmas, and we find answers as to why/how she’s aspirating again.

Tomorrow we have back to back appointments.. Physics Therapy and then her Occupational Therapy Evaluation. Will update again later this week 🙂

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