One down. One to go.. well maybe two..

We have successfully made it through one night of our 24 hour EEG. We are supposed to stay a total of 2 nights, but depending on if they don’t see any activity, they might keep her for a third night just to be sure.

Just some thoughts. No, of course I don’t want my sweet girl to have a seizure. BUT and this is a huge but, if she is having them or going to, I’m praying it happens now! While we’re here, hooked up to 25 probes and a heart monitor. So please pray that “if she is going to have seizures that one happens while we’re here, otherwise please keep this baby seizure free”

Luckily we’re able to move around the room with these extra long cords! So we can move form the bed to the couch to the chair!

Here are some pictures from our start yesterday to right now, Tuesday at 10:30 am where I’m currently holding my sweet girl, watching her drift off to sleep, which means NAP TIME for mommy!!!

Arrived at Vandy! Waiting on our room.
The beginning of the probes!
Getting loaded up with a new hairdo
Chubby cheeks.. mama loves kissing them!
The beginning of my longest nap ever!!
FaceTime with big brother.
Love my mommy snuggles!
FaceTime big brother again!!
Good morning sweet friends!
FaceTime with my daddy is the best!


Ha.. jk.. she woke up! That nap was short lived..

One thought on “One down. One to go.. well maybe two..

  1. Good morning to my precious great niece and Miss Fisher! How I wish I could hold that precious baby! Just know how much LaLa loves you all!


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