The good news!

Great news! We got the call, and Fisher’s levels came back normal. Our plan is, we go back on the 26th to scan her adrenal glands and see if the nodule has grown any. If there hasn’t been any change, we are set to have her kidney scans every 3 months. If it has grown or any changes other than going away, we will have to do another urine test.

We also tested out some Oatmeal Cereal with Fisher. She loved it, but it didn’t love her. When we went to G.I. last Tuesday, we tested her poop and found blood in it. So we had to stop the cereal. We waited until it was out of her system and started trying different foods every 3 days. We tried avocados.. didn’t work. It tore her stomach up as well. Sunday we tried peas. She loved peas and peas love her!! Tomorrow we are going to try green beans.

So Foods she can’t handle:

Dairy: Oatmeal Cereal (wheat): Avocados:

Pretty sure the list will grow but for now that’s all 🙂

GI set up an appointment with a nutritionist for Fisher, so we can understand what foods to try and not try.

On February 26th we have about 5 or 6 doctors appointments. So we will update after it. Until then, we just have therapy every week and trying new foods.

A huge thanks to Dani for setting up the fund page for Fishers medical. I am beyond thankful for all of the love and support we have. Things have been tough but we’re making it through. Shares and prayers! Thank you!!

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