8 months!

Hi friends! It’s been about a month since I’ve updated everyone on our sweet Fish. I guess no news is good news, right?

Over the past month we have been working hard in therapy (all of them but especially PT). We are kind of at a stand still with our movement. She’s trying hard to roll over but just can’t quite make it over all the way yet. We are however rolling from back to side and squirming around like crazy!

Started with my feet at the piano and ended up like this!

We even made a special weekend trip to Paragould, to see Gram and Granddaddy! Wells and fisher had a blast spending time with them! Fisher was introduced to the piano I grew up playing with my grandparents!

Great granddaddy and Fisher
Great granddaddy, Gaga, and Fisher
Great Gram and Fisher

That Sunday we rushed home for our family pictures with Crystal Freemon Photography! I won an Instagram contest with Katie Camargo and we both got a 30 minute session with Crystal. She did an amazing job with the kids and our pictures are absolutely amazing! Here are a couple.. it’s so hard to pick my favorite because they are all so good!

We also celebrated Ash Wednesday and St. Patrick’s day! Fisher slept through mass luckily!

Onto the food topic.. my favorite one.. just not when it comes to our sweet fish. We have been on hold with trying new foods due to blood in her stools. We go back this week to drop off another sample to see if she still is having GI issues and if so, we will make a decision on what to cut out next. On the positive side, Fisher loves her some peas, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. We gave up on green beans because she didn’t like them.

We are slowly.. and I mean very slowly, gaining weight! Last week we weighed, 12 lbs 2 oz! We love being over that 12 lb mark. We’re supposed to be gaining 2 oz a week, but looks like we’re gaining one oz every other week. Definitely not but I’d like but we’re trying. Hopefully we can figure out the GI issues and start gaining soon.

Overall, the past month has been pretty good to us. Over the next month we have lots of doctors appointments. Tomorrow we see neurology to see about the “nodding” that continues. Luckily our pediatrician said not to worry, but if you know me.. I’m worried. Therefore we’re going to see what Dr. Brault thinks about it. Next week we see GI, and the following week we have another ultrasound and see the hematologist/oncologist. The week after that we have Fishers 9 month check up and the next week we go to Kentucky for some appointments.

Please continue to pray for our sweet Fisher. We appreciate all of the love, prayers, and support!

CLICK HERE to Donate to Fisher’s Medical Fund

2 thoughts on “8 months!

  1. thanks for updating us.. she is precious, love pictures with Great Grans, and your family pictures. Love and prayers for you all


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