We’ll take the suite

Yesterday, 4/2 we had our GI appointment for Fisher. I was nervous for this appointment because the day after my last post, when we went to neurology, we found out Fisher had lost over 5.5 oz in 2 weeks. I was praying we gained some before our GI appointment… unfortunately she lost 2 more oz in a week. Our GI doctor was not happy about the weight loss and decided it was best to admit Fisher to Vanderbilt. She said I am doing everything possible for her, but it seems something else is going on internally that we need to find out what it is. So we went home.. packed our bags, and waited for the call.

They called today, 4/3 and said they had Fisher’s room ready, we asked for the penthouse suite.. we got the 8th floor! We loaded up the car and made our way to our home away from home.. well it seems that way sometimes.

The doctor came by and ran a quick game plan by us. Instead of nursing Fisher like normal, I will have to pump and bottle feed her so they can measure how much she is taking in. They put in for blood work to be done, stuffed her diaper with cotton balls to do a urine test, and basically wait and see..once they see how much she’s eating and we get bloodwork back, we can get another game plan.

So for now all I ask is for prayers for our sweet girl. We aren’t sure how long we will be here, but we won’t leave until she is consistently gaining weight. Thanks in advance for the thoughts and prayers! I will try to update daily, if not expect an update when we’re discharged!

CLICK HERE: To Support Fisher’s Medical Bills

2 thoughts on “We’ll take the suite

  1. Prayers and more prayers are coming your way!!! Love the four of you dearly
    Camille Murray
    aka, Aunt Camille or better known as, LaLa


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