Saturday Starving and Sunday Surprise

NOTE: Written on Saturday!

We’re on day 4 of being at Vanderbilt.. so far Fisher has had blood drawn 3 times (stuck with the needle 6 times), had urine samples collected 3 times, one ultrasound, and today marked her MRI. Last thing on the schedule is the sweat test next week.. that’s it for now at least..

We were told yesterday would be NPO (nothing by mouth) starting at 8:00 am (4 hours before her MRI) since hers was set for noon. So at 7:20 I started feeding Fisher to try and get as much in before 8:00. At 7:45 I asked the nurse to get me a little more milk and she said she was checking to make sure she’d be going at noon, because they called and said they could get her in at 8… which wouldn’t work because of the 4 hour npo schedule. So I said if we’re on track for noon I want more milk since I had 15 mins left. So our nurse went to check on the time and said we were going to hold off on anymore food… ok cool, we’ll get in earlier ( or so I thought)

The clock hit 12:00 and of course our girl had been crying for about 30 mins ready to eat.. and still no word if we are close to going.. around 12:15 I popped my head out asking if we were still on track for 12:00 even tho it was after.. they said they’d call and check… “looks like 30-45 more mins” Finally around 1:50 they took her back to the mri area… we waited there for an hour before they took her back for the actual MRI. I was told it would take around 45 mins to an hour and then they’d bring her back to me.

After an hour and 25 mins, she arrived back to me! Sleeping beauty did a great job and they said we’d have results within 24 hours. Unfortunately, since Fisher was so tired after, she didn’t wake and eat until 5:20pm… she went 10 hours without eating (we stopped eating at 7:20am) Of course I was not a happy momma when the whole reason we were there was because of weight loss and they let her go so long without eating.

Since she had gone so long without fluids, they decided it was best to give her some fluids through her IV to help hydrate her.

We had a good night together overall. Sadly, we missed Joseph and Bailee’s baby shower, but Bobby and Wells were there in our place!

We were told that lactation would come in to see us on Monday to talk about ways to increase my supply when pumping, because we would have to do feedings by bottle for a little while.

Skip to Sunday:

Welllllll to our surprise, Sunday morning when the doctors made rounds, they said we would be discharged that day!! Since fisher had been gaining weight, we would be able to leave and go home. Our feeding scheduling would be this: she would bottle feed 110ml, then I’d nurse her, and lastly, I’d pump. This would happen every 3 hours. When I say it’s like having a newborn all over again, is an understatement. The extra work of having to bottle feed and pump is a nightmare. I love nursing my girl, and hopefully when we go for our follow up next week, I can nurse more, bottle feed less.

So Fisher and I packed our bags and waited for Bobby and Wells to come pick us up once we got the go ahead to leave! The nurse came by and took out Fisher’s IV and signed the papers to discharge.

Nothing better than coming home to a CLEAN house, freshly made bed, flowers, and a beautiful card from Welly and Bobby! 😍

Coming up- Tuesday we have our Cystic Fibrosis Sweat Test at 11:00 and possible follow up with the hematologist/oncologist.

Please continue to pray for answers, growth, and a healthy happy girl!

CLICK HERE: To Support Fisher’s Medical Fund

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