Fisher’s Delivery.. Part 2

So here’s where we left off from post #1… labor and delivery. This seems quite fitting to post since my baby girl turns ONE in a couple of hours. It doesn’t seem real! Here’s the rest of Fisher’s delivery and how she made her appearance into this world.

They prepped me and got me hooked up to a Pitocin drop, along with a bag of fluids, and antibiotics. Since I was 5 weeks early and they didn’t have a chance to do my Strep-B test, they treat you like you are positive and start antibiotics. lovely.. So my All-Natural delivery I was planning, already started with Pitocin and antibiotics. Not really what I was hoping for, but hey, I wasn’t really planning on having Fisher this early, so I rolled with it.

(I remember the nurse had to have two additional nurses come in to set up another “IV stand” since I had so many bags, they had to hang more and figure out how to run the lines to me correctly.)

So there I was all hooked up riding out every contraction (which weren’t too bad actually) . My grandparents, brother, and in-laws were on their way because no one wanted to miss Fisher’s birth. Everyone arrived at our house/ my parents house by about 10-11pm on the 12th. My brother, Joseph, didn’t arrive until around 3 am, and he came straight to the hospital.

My whole “all natural” birth didn’t go as planned and I should have realized it probably wouldn’t since Fisher was definitely making things the way she wanted them to be. See, every time I had a contraction, Fisher’s heart rate would drop. Around 11:45pm, my amazing nurse, Dani, came into the room and told me we wouldn’t be able to continue like this and I knew she meant I’d have to have a C-section. I immediately started thinking of how to avoid that. I asked if I received an epidural, would that help keep Fisher’s heart rate from dropping. Dani said no since I wasn’t tensing up during contractions, it wouldn’t help. So then I asked, “If I have to have a C-section, you’ll have to do an epidural anyways, correct?” Dani said, “yes”. I immediately stopped and prayed. I prayed that if I let go of my plans and got the epidural, that I’d be able to deliver vaginally and avoid a c-section. Then I looked at Dani, and I told her to go ahead with the epidural.

I got the epidural around 12:15-12:30ish (yes they’re quick). The first contraction after the epidural.. I waited.. nothing. Second contraction.. I waited.. nothing. So on and so on.. Fisher’s heart rate never dropped again after I got the epidural! Prayers were answered and I knew in that moment, I wasn’t in controls and my plans weren’t the plans we needed to follow. I completely Let Go and Let God.

I tried to get as much rest as possible but it was hard when you have your husband, mom, and brother all hanging out carrying on conversations with the nurses and laughing about my whole water breaking story at 3 in the morning! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fast forward, around 4:30am Dani checked me, and I was about 7cm dilated. She said to relax, get some rest, and they’d check me in an hour or so. Well about 25 minutes later I felt pressure. Luckily, Dani was still hanging out with us talking to my brother about Africa and animals, if I remember correctly.. anyways, I told her I felt pressure. She said that’s a good thing. Then I preceded to tell her, “no I have like a lot of pressure..” like holy hell there’s a baby down there pressure. She said she’d check me, but usually you don’t just jump from a 7-10 that quick.. guess again! Yup this mama was that person to jump that big of a gap that quickly!

The first thing I did was call Shayna, my best friend Kendall’s sister and our amazing photographer! Luckily, she lives like 10 mins from the hospital, so she hopped in the car and headed our way. At 5:05am Dr. Rupe came in and sat down, asked if we were ready(the room was set ready to go) and we were.. all we were waiting for was Shayna to get into the hospital.. I was THAT person and asked, ” can we wait for my photographer? She’s trying to get in the hospital and since it’s after hours she’s having to go into the emergency entrance” 😂 in that moment I felt so high maintenance which is NOT me at all, but I HAD to have her there!

Shayna walked in, pulled her camera out, and I immediately started pushing. This delivery was WAY different than with Wells. With Wells, I couldn’t feel anything. I felt drugged. I remember bits and pieces of his delivery. I never saw him being born and my mom only captured like 2 photos since she watched the whole delivery.

Fishers delivery was 10 times better. I had a large mirror and watched her come out. I was in control. I could feel everything but I wasn’t in pain. After 5 pushes.. yes I said that right, 5 pushes, she was out. She came sunny side up, with her fist busting out next to her head.

She had hair. Our beautiful girl had hair! All I could think about was how much hair she had and how dark it was! We were able to get some pictures, skin to skin time, and very little snuggles in before they took her away to the NICU.

They had tested her blood sugar levels and couldn’t detect them on their machine, meaning they were way too low. This was the only reason she went to the NICU at Williamson.

We proceeded to spend the next 6 weeks in 3 different NICUs. This was not the typical birth story you usually hear, but that’s okay. This was Fisher’s story and the beginning of a very long and beautiful (sometimes not so beautiful) story.

The next post, Part 3, I can tell about our NICU stay and our adventure traveling to 3 different NICUs in Middle Tennessee. Oh and a TON of Fisher Pictures growing big and strong! 🙂 AS WELL AS, an update on how fisher is doing now and her 1st birthday!!

Thank you again for all of your love and support for our sweet Fisher Rae!

CLICK HERE: To Support Fisher’s Medical Fund

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