June to July.. oh my!

Hey friends!

The month of June was a very busy, fun filled month for the Brinker’s. I can officially say the end of June/ beginning of July have been my favorite by far. We had huge improvements with Fisher, spent time with family, and even better… our Fish is officially saying MAMA! It’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard 😂 it might be because she said mama first, where Wells said Dada first. Oh well, still it’s my favorite word ever!

Fisher took her first trip to Chattanooga, where Bobby did his triathlon! We went to the discovery museum and ate some delicious food!

Fisher has had some great weeks in therapy. She is officially rolling over and now we are working on sitting up.

She also has been eating new foods and slowly adding some “solids” in.

Fisher also had her 3 month check up with the hematologists/oncologist, as well as, her ultrasound of her kidney and adrenal glands. They said nothing has changed, so for now we’re in the clear. We will continue to go every 3 months for the next several years.

We also were able to FINALLY go to MO to visit Bobby’s side of the family. We have waited a year to go, and finally were able to for the 4th of July.

wells has been doing AMAZING in swim lessons! Not everyday is a good day, but we have improved so much.

So, one of our goals for Fisher was to get her to 15 lbs by her first birthday.. 2 weeks before her birthday she weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz. One week before she weighed in at 14 lbs 14 oz. We had one week to gain TWO ounces…

15 lbs 6 oz!!! Our girl gained 8 oz in one week! I was so excited I cried with excitement when we got in the car 😂

Next on our adventures was Fisher’s 1st birthday! We had a couple of friends and family over for her celebration! Fisher didn’t like her cake, but loved her outfit ♥️

We have been spending a lot of family time together and recovering from some illnesses, but she’s on the mend. Overall, our Fisher girl is growing big and strong.. and slowly making progress! We are so proud of both of our kiddo and love them more than anything!

One last update: Fishers sleep study has been moved up and it is tonight!! They had a cancellation and we took it 🙂

Please continue to pray for Fisher and our family as we go through this journey of life and the unknown to come.

Click Here: To Donate To Fisher’s Medical Fund

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