Work hard.. play harder

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve updated everyone! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Lots to update on our sweet girl!!

Over the past month Fisher has made HUGE improvements! From trying new foods, “chewing” better, sitting up, grabbing things and trying to drop them, to saying mama, dada, and bubba again!

We went to see the allergist and unfortunately Fisher has FPIES. As on now, it’s only with oats and avocados. We are slowly going through the list of foods and trying them out. Luckily

Our allergist appointment started out okay… then Fisher’s nose became impacted with a very large.. booger! So like always, I got my little blue boogie stick to pull it out.. and I guess it was stuck in there a little more than usual and when it came out.. so did an enormous amount of blood. I gave my sweet girl her first bloody nose!!! Blood was everywhere… the more she cries the more it bled. I finally got it cleaned up and stopped bleeding. I pulled my water bottle out of my bag and started to take a drink.. when I did, Fisher grabbed my bottle and squeezed it.. water went everywhere! All over her and me. It was a disaster! If you could have been a fly on the wall, you would have laughed.

Luckily, the prick test went well and Fisher didn’t have any of “those” allergies. Just the FPIES.

We also went to the river for Labor Day! The kids had a blast riding with Bobby in the kayak.

While Fish has been working hard in Physical Therapy … she can now SIT UP!!

This last week she was finally able to manage sitting up by herself. We have worked so hard for this and we couldn’t be more proud!

She might have taken a few falls along the way, but she is sitting strong now.

We still have surgery planned for October 14th, so prayers are greatly appreciated. I know we will have one night in the PICU, but we won’t know exactly how long we will have to stay, until they complete the procedure. Until then, here is your monthly catch up of cuteness…

Click Here: To Donate To Fisher’s Medical Fund

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