Piece of cake..

I want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers over the past 3 weeks while Fisher was recovering from surgery. Here’s how it went…

We arrived at Vanderbilt at 9:00 for her Sleep Endoscopy! We talked to Dr. Virgin (her amazing ENT) and he walked us through what the plan was. He wanted to get in and see the size of her tonsils and adenoids, and see how floppy her larynx was. We also talked about putting tubes in. He said if there wasn’t any fluid then he wouldn’t do tubes, but if there was he would go ahead and put them in.

She was in and out in about 45 mins.. There was fluid behind one ear so he went ahead and put tubes in both. He said her tonsils and adenoids were large so he removed both as well. Her larynx wasn’t too floppy so he didn’t do the corrective surgery for her “laryngomalacia”. Dr. Virgin didn’t want to add anymore to her recovery plate if he didn’t have to 🙂 We went and saw our sweet girl as soon as she was in recovery.

We noticed this large bruise like patch on her chest under her neck and one nurse said she had an allergic reaction to the thermometer patch adhesive, and another nurse said it looked as if she was burned by it… not sure which it was but luckily it went away this past weekend!

We had a happy girl for a couple of minutes and then it turned into a cry fest. Once Bobby left for home to see Wells and his mom , I luckily had my parents come up to hold Fish and love on her while I washed bottles, pump parts, and ate! We were so blessed to have Bobby’s mom, Mary come help keep Wells while we focused on Fisher.

Due to the swelling Fisher continued to drop her oxygen levels. This was concerning to me since I was going to be dealing with this at home, I just wouldn’t have their monitor to beep every time she dropped below 88.

Luckily, she was able to bring herself out of the lower levels back to normal pretty quickly without needing oxygen.

The next day, Fisher was drinking about 2-4 oz of milk, which wasn’t back to normal, but she was improving. They asked if I felt comfortable taking her home, and I said yes! I would much rather be home in our own beds instead of the pull out couch.

We has a very very hard first week. I was told if you stay on top of ibuprofen and acetaminophen alternating every 3 hours, she’d be good… we’ll we set timers every 3 hours … 12,3,6,9 – 12,3,6,9 – 12,3,6,9 over and over again. All she did was cry and scream. For a week, this lasted. We were running on about 2-3 hours of sleep each night broke up. This lasted for about 9-10 days. Around day 11 we finally had a break through! Fisher started feeling better, but unfortunately Wells caught the fever virus that was going around, so we were trading one recovering kid for another.

Luckily we got lots of snuggles during this recovery time!

Last weekend we had big fun filled days! We went to watch JB get married Saturday night and we went to Lucky Ladd Farms on Sunday! I won a 4 pack of passes and had to use them this weekend, so Poppy and Gaga went with the kids and me since Bobby was at the Titans game for work!

We had a blast at the wedding and danced it up! Wells waited until the end of the night to snatch a piece of cake before making our way home. Fisher slept through the whole reception, but was wide awake for the ceremony!

Fisher really did have a good time. This was right before we left to go home.

Last Monday, both kids had their well-check visits with Dr. Lohse.

Both kids are doing great and growing slowly but surely. Fisher only lost a couple oz from surgery which is amazing and such a relief. We were worried she’d drop a ton of weight from it. Luckily, she is an eating machine and wants to eat everything now.

This last week was Halloween! IT. WAS. COLD! We debated taking Fisher because it was really cold, but we couldn’t leave her out! So we bundled her up in the stroller and we took off in the neighborhood. Wells was the Flash (same as last year) and Fisher was a pineapple! I had a fish costume but it was way too cold for it. Fisher even tries a piece of chocolate for the first time… I’m pretty positive she has a new love for sugar 🤣

Lastly, Fisher had a great week of therapies this week! This sweet fish worked hard in PT and we have officially put the order in for her orthotics for her feet. We talked about how she can “stand” because she still won’t put any weight on her legs. Sharon (Fishers PT) decided we would get a Squiggles Stander for her. This will allow her to be in the standing positing and hold her legs in place. We aren’t sure when we will get this since it takes a while, so it’s a waiting game with it for now.

During feeding therapy Fisher ate very well and ate several carrots, oranges, and muffins. We did a weight check and sister girl weighed 17lbs 9oz !!!

We have been working realllllly hard on that weight! And in OT, Fisher was able to hang two toys together in midline! Huge success this week during therapy!

So what’s up next you ask? Well, Tuesday, November 5th we go for Fisher’s post-op visit and hearing test. This is kind of a big appointment. If she passes her hearing test, that’s great! It means the failed hearing tests before were due to fluid behind her ears. If she fails again, then that would indicate she has a hearing loss and we would need to address what needs to be done.

Also, depending on the results of the hearing test, if Fisher’s speech doesn’t improve (start talking/babbling more) we will need to start speech therapy ASAP.

We will also have to schedule another sleep study to check and see if her sleep apnea has gone down/gone away.

We appreciate all of the love and support for each and everyone of you! Thank you again and please continue to pray for our sweet little fish.

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