Goodbye 2019!

As we brought 2019 to an end I wanted to recap over our last couple of months before starting off 2020s updates.

We had to postpone Fisher’s hearing test multiple times due to one of her tubes being plugged with dried blood. We finally were able to test her hearing even with a plugged tube, and she passed!! I was so relieved to hear the good news. We will go back in 6 months to follow up with another hearing test.

We had fall family pictures with the oh so talented Shayna Thompson of Shays Shots. Here are a couple of my favorite!

Fisher also had her eye exam. We have been patching her left eye to strengthen her right eye for several months now. I was noticing her right eye drift was getting worse but I kept to the doctors orders and patched daily for 2 hours.

When they re-evaluated Fisher’s eyes they informed me her eyes have gotten worse and the patch made the right eye worse. The doctor informed me sometimes patching can do more damage than good because it doesn’t help the eyes work together. He said he wants to stop patching and go 6 months with nothing.. wait and see if her eyes can work together to strengthen. We will re-evaluate in June and if they haven’t corrected itself then we will have to discuss surgery. Not really what you want to hear for your 17 month old but at least if we had to do surgery, she’d be closer to the age of 2.

We had some great achievements this month! Fisher is trying to sit up on her own (pushing from her back to sitting position). She hasn’t fully mastered it yet, but she’s getting there! She’s eating hummus (man does she love hummus) strawberries, blueberries, peanut butter, muffins, crackers, carrots, oranges and pouches.

Fisher and I went to Friendsgiving dinner while Bobby and Wells stayed home due to Bobby getting pneumonia.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ we had a blast hanging out and playing games with friends! (Only the girls pictures)

We also traveled to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and spent time in the duck woods and at Gram and Grand-daddy’s house! Wells went hunting for the first time and had a blast!

Fisher has her evaluation for a squiggle stander and we have placed the order for hers! It will be in plum (a pink/purple color). I’m hoping to get the stander and braces for her ankles this month!

During the month of December, we had some fun outings.. we met Santa and snagged some awesome pictures with him as a family since it was Fisher’s first time meeting him! We were able to go see Santa without the hassle of waiting in lines and being overstimulated, thanks to Fisher’s Developmental Therapy, Waves. They set up appointment times for each of their special needs kids to see Santa. It was so fun watching Fisher with him.

Santa was very good to both kiddos this year.. Wells received a bow and arrow and Paw Patrol Tower. He also got a drum set from Gram and Granddaddy and some awesome legos, puzzles, and robots from both sets of his grandparents. Fisher got some therapy balls, squigz, beads, books, a chair, etc. Her favorite thing was her xylophone/piano!!

We ended 2019 with a low key hang out with Poppy and GaGa.. and of course went to bed early!

Onto 2020… this is our year.. a year for better health and better opportunities! Please continue to pray for our sweet girl and our family! Next update coming soon! (New year’s resolution.. post more updates regularly!)


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