Not the year we expected.

So remember when I said 2020 was our year. That I’d actually write a blog post and keep everyone updated… well I made that New Year resolution before I knew what 2020 would hold.

So much has happened in the Brinker’s lives since March of 2020 when I last updated everyone. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, but mainly flood the page with pictures, because who doesn’t love to look at cute kids!

We had an amazing beach trip in May right before Fisher’s surgery and loved getting to spend time with the family!

Our sweet Fish learned to crawl during the crazy pandemic. Thanks to Covid we were all home to witness it and enjoy it together.

Fisher had surgery on her right eye to correct the intermittent exotropia, supraglottoplasty to help with her LM and sleep apnea, removed an adenoid that grew back, and cauterized her nose for her excessive nose bleeds. Surgery was smooth and she recovered well. Her sleep apnea went from severe to mild/moderate which is amazing news! We will continue to monitor it and hope she outgrows the remainder of the sleep apnea.

We did lots of standing in our stander, had a great memorial day weekend with family, and had lots of fun celebrating Wells turning 5 and spending 4th of July with some of our favorite people!!

I had some amazing pictures taken in July of Fisher in my moms clothes from when she was little. I can not thank Shayna Thompson enough for her amazing work she does capturing my girl and our family!

We celebrated Fisher Rae turning 2 with a bubble themed party!

After her birthday we spent lots of time outside, playing with toys and working hard on learning to stand and walk with assistance! Both kids started school in August! Wells started kindergarten and Fisher started at High Hopes part time. Fun times at the river with Poppy, Gaga, Gram, and Grand-daddy (Photo dump)

Continued on the next page….

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