We made it!

I bet you’re wondering “how in the hell did she get 3 posts done in one day?” Well, it is currently May 23rd as I write this and I’m sitting at Vanderbilt Children’s ER in Franklin watching Fisher sleep. We’ve been here since yesterday afternoon for severe dehydration and low glucose levels due to a nasty virus. I figured, if I’m going to be awake all night I can update the blog! What a success that was! I not only recapped 2020 but knocked out the beginning of 2021!

The New Year came and went.. so did our Christmas celebration with Bobby’s parents…my birthday.. Valentine’s Day.. St. Patrick’s day.. and Gaga’s birthday.We had snow and lots of it! I got my angel fish tattoo for my sweet little fish! I highly recommend True Eden Studios for your next tattoo!! Fisher cheered Wells on during his soccer games, especially when he’d score a goal!

We had the most wonderful time at the beach a couple weeks ago. The weather was beautiful and the kids loved the sand and water.

Wednesday, Fisher had a great day, other than 4 nosebleeds! She was evaluated for a kid walk and wheelchair at school and both are going to be amazing tools to help her be more independent!

She had a swollen eye, but I figured it was allergies. Later that night she spiked a 106.2 fever and started throwing up. Thursday she ran 102 pretty much all day and Friday she had reduced fever but had a nasty cough and vomiting. She couldn’t keep anything down so Bobby took her to the doctor. They said she looked great and it was just a virus and to wait it out. Fast forward to Friday night, she threw up bile too many times to count. We decided Saturday early afternoon, it was best to take her into the ER for fluids because she couldn’t keep anything down and had been asleep basically for 24 hours with little wake up times. They ran labs and determined she just has a virus, but she was severely dehydrated and her glucose levels were low. They started an IV with fluids and sugars and admitted us for the night. Around 4:00 am I saw some life in my girl! She woke up and “talked” to me! She even took a couple sips of water! 🙌🏻 she’s back asleep now but it definitely feels amazing to see some life back in our girl! —- edit: we were able to go home Sunday evening because she was able to drink 6 oz of water. She still has a bad cough, but she’s definitely on the mend!

Please continue to pray for our Sweetest Little Fish as she continues to jump all of the hurdles thrown her way. Our girl is strong and a fighter. I can’t say thank you enough to all of our friends and family that always support us! We love you all and are so thankful for each and every one of you!

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