Sleep Study

We don’t have results yet, but as soon as I get them I will fill everyone in 🙂

We received a call yesterday morning(Tuesday) saying they had a cancellation for that evening and we were on the wait list. I happily accepted the offer because our appointment wasn’t until September 30th. 😱

We arrived at the Hyatt Place in Franklin. We checked in and they got us settled in our room. About 30 minutes after being there and hanging out, one of the nurses, Vanessa, came in and said she was going to move us to a different room so she could have Fisher for the night. I was thinking “greattttt here we go gotta pack up the pump, bottle warmer, milk, etc.” but Vanessa was SO nice and helped move us next door. She “upgraded” our room to the handicap room.. bigger bed and everything!! Heck yes! It was totally worth the move over one room lol

I was thinking “yes! I’m going to sleep so good in this big bed with just me and fish” but man was I wrong.

We got Fisher all hooked up, 20 probes on her head, 2 motion monitors on each leg, heart rate monitor, pulse ox monitor, and a cannula. She did great with everything until we had to put her cannula in her nose. She HATED it. I ended up putting socks on her hands so she didn’t pull it off all night.

Luckily Fisher slept through the night, but unfortunately I was woken several times to check things on her from the nurses request. At 3:58 am Fisher started stirring and waking up. I warned up some milk for her and kept her calm since they only needed about 10 more minutes of monitoring. Once it was all done, they took her probes off and we were able to go home! I asked if this was a “wasted” trip, because I was afraid they souls for pick up bed sleep apnea, and the nurse said it was not a wasted trip and they got lots of good readings they can use. We should have the results fairly soon, and then we will set up a game plan on where to go from here!

At 4:30 we went home, gave fisher a bath, and went to sleep for about 3 hours before work!

We are so proud of how well fisher handled everything and I am definitely anxious to get the results and make a game plan!

Please continue to pray for Fisher. She’s a tough cookie and amazes me how strong she is every day!

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